I Stop Somewhere – T E Carter

“Ellie Frias has never wanted to be popular, she just wants to blend in, to be accepted. But then Caleb Breward tells her she’s beautiful and makes her believe it.

Ellie loves Caleb, but sometimes she’s not sure she likes him – the possessive way he touches her, his harsh tone, how he ignores her one minute and can’t get enough the next. And one black night, she discovers the monster her boyfriend really is.

Ellie wasn’t the first girl Caleb raped. But she was the first girl he murdered.

Now, trapped, she witnesses him shatter the lives of other girls. Powerless and alone, Ellie tries to keep hold of the happier memories, always waiting – hoping – that someone will find her.”

I Stop Somewhere by T E Carter is without a doubt one of the most heartbreakingly harrowing books I have ever read.

Told from the point of view of Ellie, giving the book a feel of The Lovely Bones, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

The writing is unflinchingly raw and honest and doesn’t shy away from the brutal subject matter it discusses. The sensitive topic is handled extremely well, and your heart shatters for all the girls in the book, and equally any person who has themselves dealt with this in their own life.

Everyone out there knows an Ellie or has been, or felt like an Ellie at some point in their lives – I know I certainly have.

The author has the psyche of the teenage girl so on point which is what makes this electrifying debut relatable to so many people.

This book is one of those that will stay with you long after you have turned the final page. The story will touch you in such a way that it’s like it’s gotten its hands tightly wrapped around your heart and just won’t let go.

A must read for 2018.


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