Mind Games – Teri Terry

“Luna has always been able to exist in virtual and real worlds at the same time, a secret she is warned to keep.
She hides her ability by being a Refuser: excluded by choice from the virtual spheres others inhabit.

But when she is singled out for testing, she can’t hide any longer.

The safest thing to do would be to fail, to go back to a dead end life, no future. But Luna is starting to hope for something better, and hope is a dangerous thing….”

Award winning author Teri Terry hits it out of the park again with her new novel Mind Games.

Here we are thrown into a world where real and virtual live side by side, where kids not only spend hours playing on their games consoles; but days playing in them, connecting to the virtual world in a way that allows them to step inside the game, to play, to learn, to become the best they can be.

Luna is special, she is aware of being in both the real and virtual world at the same time. Her grandma begs her to keep it a secret; it’s dangerous for them to know she can do this.

So to hide her secret Luna becomes a Refuser. Choosing to live in the real world only, choosing to go to a real school, have real friends.

But the powers that be claim that virtual reality is the best place to live.
They claim it’s the safest way to play. They claim it’s the best way to learn.
They claim to turn you into the best version of yourself.

But this is Teri Terry were reading here, so let’s throw in corrupt governments, deceitful friends, and plenty of lies and secrets.

Let’s hope Luna can uncover the truth before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed this, and I’m sure Mind Games will go on to do as well, if not better than the Slated Trilogy.

An amazing, fast paced read that will be one of the top reads of 2015!!



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