BOOK REVIEW: Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton (David Fickling Books)

An amazing blog post by Jenny Rohde!!


Dave Shelton

Seven Stories Bookseller and Guest Blogger, Jenny Rhode reviews Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton 

In a departure from writing (and illustrating) for a younger audience. Dave Shelton’s Thirteen Chairsis a collection of ghost stories within an overarching narrative.

The story begins with Jack, a boy exploring a dilapidated house on a dark night. He is waiting outside an upstairs room, distinguishable from the other rooms in the house only by the dim, flickering light cast through the gap under the old, creaky door. He, of course, enters (Jack is a curious boy, after all).

In the room are twelve chairs. Twelve people, of varying ages and backgrounds, inhabit them. And burning, one in front of each figure, are twelve candles. A chair is pulled up for Jack, and a candle lit.

Each person in turn tells their story, and then extinguishes their candle. The room gets darker and…

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