Run – by Gregg Olsen

1. infliction of injury, harm, humiliation, or the like, on a person by another who has been harmed by that person; violent revenge: But have you the right to vengeance?
2. an act or opportunity of inflicting such trouble: to take one’s vengeance.
3. the desire for revenge: a man full of vengeance.”

My name is Rylee. I am fifteen years old, and my whole life Ive been waiting, expecting this day to come.

My stepfather is dead. A knife sticking out of his body.

My brother is terrified.

My mother is gone.

He has been. He has taken her. We always knew he would come.

Now we have to run.

Only I’m not going to run away from him.
I’m going to run toward him.
Towards the monster that has caused my mother to live in fear.
Toward the monster who has taken my mother.
Toward the monster that caused us to spend our whole lives running.

My name is Rylee.
I’m fifteen.
I’m done running.
Now I want Vengeance.

An explosive novel in the first of the Vengeance series by Gregg Olsen.
I was given this book by a work colleague, who after only a few chapters, declared that I would love it. She was right. I devoured this book in one sitting and completely fell in love with Rylees character. She’s a very strong protagonist, who literally has to fight to save her family… This story is fast paced, exciting, and really dark and gritty… and that ending… Let’s just say book 2 can’t get here fast enough.

Run is published on 1st of May by Hotkey books.


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