Dead Ends by Erin Lange

Two boys. One a bully. One with Downs Syndrome.

Two boys searching for answers about their fathers.

One atlas full of clues. One unlikely friendship. One beautifully woven tale of how even the most unlikely of people become friends and the loyalty that can bring.

Billy D or ‘special ed’ as the mean kids call him is new to the area and not settling in too well, scared to walk to school alone because of the bullies.

Dane Washington – resident bully,angry at the world and takes it out on anyone who ‘has it coming’.

Billy D sees that the other kids at school are frightened of Dane so decides that if Dane walks him to school the bullies will stay away.

Facing expulsion Dane is forced to look out for Billy D in order to stay in school. What starts out as a hindrance for Dane, soon begins to develop into the most unlikely of friendships which takes the boys on the journey to track down Billy’s dad, only Billy has been keeping a secret he shouldn’t have.

Lange weaves such a beautifully crafted tale, the bully is, to some degree still a bully when it’s all over but he’s a bully you root for.
And Billy D is a character I defy anyone not to fall In love with, he’s smart and funny and an expert blackmailer.

This pulled on all my heart strings and while I didn’t quite get the ending I had hoped for, it was in fairness how it had to be.

For anyone who’s not read either of Langes books – get yourself to your local bookstore and fix that immediately.

Erin will be in Newcastle at Seven Stories on April 2nd 2014 click the link below to buy tickets!!!


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