The 5th Wave & Pivot Point

In January The Child and I decided that it would be nice if once a month we recommended a book to each other as we don’t always read the same thing.

The book The Child recommended to me was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

I was disappointed by her choice as I was sure I would hate it, however The Child declared it to be amazing and as she had yelled at the book a lot whilst reading it, one minute yelling out encouragement and the next shaking her head in disbelief I conceded that if she had loved it so much surely it was worth a try.

So two days later, slightly tired as I stayed up as long as I could reading I was finished… Was I disappointed? Hell no… In fact I went rushing into work the next day to check that we had copies on the shelves as I couldn’t wait to start hand selling it.

If I had to sum The 5th Wave up in one sentence it would be ‘The hunger games meets V ‘ ( for those of you not old enough to remember V – google it!! )

Aliens have taken over. They came in waves. They have wiped out nearly all the population. Few have survived.
Cassie is one of the few.
She’s watched her mother die, her father be murdered, her brother be taken … They told her he would be taken somewhere safe ….she promised him she would find him.

But the question is who is it that’s taken him. And more importantly when or what is the 5th wave……

This book is an explosively fast and gritty read that I just couldn’t put down, told from different perspectives and with such likeable characters that I defy anyone not to love it….

Now onto the book I recommended to The Child.

Pivot Point by Kasie West

I read this book a while back after receiving it on Netgalley, and loved it. At the time I read it I had not come across much like it ( naturally now there are a few other titles along the same vain but Pivot Point still remains my favourite)

“Knowing the outcome doesn’t always make a choice easier . . .”

Addie’s life is a constant “What if?” Scenario.
Because Addie is a Searcher. When given a choice, she can ‘search’ the future and see what both outcomes would look like.
Faced with her parents divorce, she has to choose who she is going to live with—her dad, who has decided to leave the compound and go and live amongst the ‘norms’.
Or should she choose her mother, the life she has always known, her friends?
Addie’s choice should be simple only her search 6 weeks into the future proves that the decision is going to be anything but easy.

The twists and turns in this book had me gripped until I turned the final page … I just didn’t know which path she would choose.
I hope everyone gets a copy and falls in love with it as much as I did.. I loved it so much I have re read it …twice !!!

The Child, I’m pleased to say declared it one of the best books she had ever read and is currently devouring Split Second ( book 2) due to hit shops soon.

So if you have not yet read The 5th Wave or Pivot Point I suggest you get out to your nearest ( preferably indie) bookshop and get them bought !!!

That’s all for now but stay tuned for my review of Year of The Rat by Clare Furniss and Say Her Name by James Dawson.


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