The Phenomenals #1 by F.E Higgins

Higgins’ The Phenomenals is set in the city of Deringolade, a city where it’s superstitious occupants hang their criminals and throw them into the bubbling tar pits. Once they become Lurids these ghostly beings become bound to the stinking pits forever, unless someone finds a way to set them free…… The Phenomenals:-
A Thief
The Seeker
The Rich Girl
The Brute

Four unlikely heroes that in Higgins’ new steampunk inspired series must learn to work together to save the town of Deringolade from its macabre fate.

It took quite a while to get into this book. The language is very dense and I felt that I was focusing so much on trying to pronounce, then work out what the ‘made up’ words meant that I often lost my train of thought in relation to the story line. The world that Higgins creates is intriguing and different and the concept of the tale is good. I did wish that the four main characters had met earlier in the story ….but understand that their time together will be continued in the forthcoming books in the series.

The book is aimed at children aged 9+, but considering how much I struggled with the complex language and overly detailed descriptions I would say this series should be aimed at slightly older children, who can cope with the complexities in this intriguing tale.

My copy of The Phenomenals was kindly provided by Macmillan Children’s Books for review purposes.


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