Parallel by Lauren Miller

We have all had those moments where we think ‘I wonder where I would be now if only I had…..’ Or ‘how different would my life be if I had never…’ Or plainly just ‘what if’.

When Parallel landed in my hands along with an accompanying letter which read:-
“When was the last time you watched one of your life plans disappear before your eyes? A university rejection? An unexpected break up? A career opportunity you missed?
17-year old Abby Barnes lives this moment over and over again after a collision of parallel worlds cause her life to spiral into the unpredictable every time her parallel self changed course”

I could not have been more excited!! A book that was going to explore the ‘What if’s’ parallel world style.

Let me tell you I was not disappointed.

Miller weaves a very clever, very intricate plot line, perfectly and seamlessly, showing how decisions made by Abby in one world effect parallel Abby in another world.

Although the story jumps from one timeline (2008) with one version of Abby to another timeline in 2009 with a different version of Abby, I was never once left confused as to which timeline we were in, nor was I unable to see how actions in 2008 changed things in 2009. Yes there was science speak in order to explain the phenomenon of parallel worlds and the outcomes if they were to collide…..but Miller never used high brow terms that would flummox the reader, neither did she dumb it down so much as to make it patronising.

In all, for me this was a fantastic debut about becoming the person we were always destined to be, and I for one cannot wait to see what Miller comes up with next!

And for those of you wondering “what if she had never read this book?” I can honestly answer ‘I would have missed out on something great’ ……..


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