Tempest – Julie Cross

Tempest by Julie Cross

“Today Jackson and Holly are in love.

Tomorrow she will lie bleeding in his arms.

Yesterday Jackson must undo it all”

Jackson Meyer has a secret… A secret that he has only shared with his best friend Adam.. So when armed men burst into Jackson’s girlfriend Holly’s dorm room and shoot her…he knows his secret is out.

But instead of trying to save Holly’s life, instinct takes over and Jackson jumps… Yep you heard right, Jackson jumps – through time, leaving Holly bleeding on the floor…his secret is well and truly out now!!

Jackson now finds himself in 2007, 2 years earlier than the incident in Holly’s room, 2 years before he ever met Holly, only this time he can’t jump back.

Will Jackson work out who he really is, who his father really is and most importantly what Tempest really is in time to save Holly…..all before he has actually ever met her??

Tempest is a fast paced novel full of mystery and intrigue with an ending that will leave you a little heartbroken, and desperate to know what happens next in Jackson and Holly’s story…. Luckily the wait won’t be that long as book 2 – Vortex – is hitting the shelves as I type – I for one will certainly be snapping one up straight away!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for my review of Vortex – coming soon!

Happy reading !


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