New year, new challenges.

Happy New Year!!

So as 2013 begins it brings, for me, new reading challenges. Hopefully challenges that once you learn about them – you will sign up for them too!!

As some of you may know I take part in the Goodreads challenge, where by you challenge yourself to read a certain amount of books. Last year my target was to read 100 books, at first I was unsure if I would make the target, but as 2012 drew to a close I found that not only did I get to my target, I completely smashed it by reading 145 books!!

This year I’ve upped my target from 100 to 130 – hopefully ill do as well this year as I did last.

Another challenge I take part in is the debut authors challenge – whereby you read at least 12 – more if you like debut novels!! ( again you can find links to this challenge on goodreads)

I’ve already read 4 books this year so far , one of which – Riptide by Lindsey Scheibe, is a debut.

Riptide follows the story of a girl called Grace, who dreams of being a professional surfer, but who’s oppressive parents have different plans. They ( especially her father) have her life planned out, and if she dares stray from the plan her father makes sure she is put in her place.
The reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster as Grace, with the help of her best friend Ford, learns how in order to fulfill her own dreams -she needs to learn to cut the ties her family have on her.

Riptide was a great book to start my new year reading challenges, and I hope to enjoy reading and blogging about many more over the coming year!!

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a few proof copies of some upcoming YA fiction for 2013 – a few to keep an eye out for are:-
Unremembered – Jessica Brody
Hysteria – Megan Miranda
Paper Valentine – Brenna Yovanoff

Happy reading !!


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