Throne of glass, Time between us & Unspoken

I’ve been so busy reading I have neglected to leave time to blog about the amazing books themselves….. I swear I will get better at this!!

So I recently passed the 100 book mark for this year so there are most definitely plenty of amazing books on my radar. Let me tell you about a few.

Throne of Glass
Sarah J Maas

‘She dropped into a crouch. As the blade sailed overhead, she lashed out at his legs. He didn’t even have the time to cry out as she swept his feet out from under him, nor did he have the time to raise his weapon before she crouched over his chest, the iron-coated tip of the staff at his throat. She brought her mouth close to his ear. “My name is Celaena Sardothien,” she whispered.’

Celaena has been summoned to fight for the right to be the Kings assassin, not something she wants, but something she needs if she is to be free of the prison they have been holding her in, free of the horrors she lives amongst.
But is she strong enough to defeat the men they put her up against? Or will she die trying?

Celaena is easily, hands down the most kick ass character I have had the pleasure of reading about.
She is smart, beautiful, and very feisty. She knows who she is as a person and what she believes in and frankly god help anyone who gets in her way.

This book came to me as a proof, and I was at first sceptical. Mainly because this book started out as a blog online – and well others I had read in that format were pants. However I was drawn in very quickly, fell in love with Celaena and really enjoyed the book as a whole.

I recommend that if you like your books jam packed full of action then get out and buy this one!


Time Between Us
Tamara Ireland Stone

“Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet”….. but they did, and the result was a beautifully written contemporary YA novel. Steering away from the ever present paranormal romances that are littering the shelves of most teens, Stone steers us in another direction – time travel.

Anna and Bennett takes the reader on an exciting journey of fun, friendship and one of the most beautiful and endearing romances to grace the pages of any YA lit. With believable and relatable characters Stone does an excellent job of making the reader feel like they too are along for the ride, enjoying the laughs, the pain, the heartache and the romance. A book everyone should pick up and read.

Sarah Rees Brennan

Imagine if you had an imaginary friend. One you had talked to in your head for your whole life?
Then imagine that your imaginary friend is, we’ll not so imaginary anymore!

Kami Glass has always been best friends with Jared. He has always been there for her, knows her secrets, her fears – everything really, and Kami is fine with him knowing all about her, after all he only lives in her head.

An old family move back to town bringing with them 17yr old cousins Ash and Jared.
Their family history is steeped in secrets and curses.
Who are the Lynburns really. What is the power they seem to hold over the town.
Why is everyone so scared of them.
And why is Kami’s imaginary friend suddenly standing right in front of her, living, breathing, real?

This explosive book has got the YA audience buzzing with excitement and splashing their adoration of Brennan’s book on every social media site possible,steeped in gothic history and with an ending that will leave you breathless and a little bit heartbroken, it’s a must read this Fall.

Till next time……..


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