Slated by Teri Terry

The government say she was a terrorist.
They say they are giving her a second chance.

Kyla’s memory has been erased. Her personality has gone. She has no memories. She has no idea who she was, or why they have done this to her.
She has been Slated.

We follow the tale of 16yr old Kyla, who after spending 9 months in a hospital where they erased who she was, is now being released to a family she has never met and is expected to just integrate into their life and a new school with no questions asked.

Fitted with a device called a Levo that monitors mood levels and prevents wearers from exhibiting anger or violence by administering electric shocks if the wearers mood level drops too low- Kyla takes us on her journey of self discovery- who is she really? Where did she come from ? Why are children being Slated.

Is being Slated really a way of giving offenders a second chance- or is it a way of controlling those who question the system?

Terry expertly guides the reader with a fast paced narrative that throws up some interesting questions about our society – whilst this is set in the future it’s not at all hard to imagine a government that would wipe the minds of offenders in order to rehabilitate them .

Slated, the first in a trilogy has definitely left my mind whirling with questions about society, justice, governmental control and most importantly – what will happen next!!

This is a must read for fans of ya fiction a title I will most definitely be recommending to Seven Stories Bookshop customers….so I’ve you haven’t got a copy of this book yet, get out there and buy one. !!

Till next time ………



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