Thank you

Just a quick rambling today in order to say thanks to those of you who have checked out my blog, I’ve been up and running for 9 weeks now and have so far had 102 hits… Most of which have been in the last few days …So thanks for having a look and I hope you continue to read my ramblings in the future.

I also hope that this blog may inspire some of my friends who turn their noses up at children’s/ YA fiction to reconsider and give some of these books a go ( you know who you are)!!!

So I’m currently reading Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon series (11 books in all, in preperation for her exhibition in October) and will, I think, blog about theses as a series rather than comment on each book individually!!

I’ve also recently finished reading Heaven by Christoph Marzi, Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris, Wonder by R.J Palacio, Tempest by Julie Cross, Pegasus and the Flame by Katie O’Hearn & Hold Me Closer, Necromancer By Lish McBride!!! I hope you will continue to read as I ramble my findings of these books and any others that I peruse along the way!

Toodles x


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