It’s been a while………

So I’ve been pretty rubbish at updating the blog recently….madness at work with our new exhibition opening, and having too many great books to read that I have neglected to blog about them….for this I am sorry.

Let me make amends by telling you about two great books I have read recently.

First up Wonder by R J Palacio.

“I won’t describe what I look like….whatever your thinking it’s probably worse”

This is Auggies’ story. A boy with severe facial disfigurement, who, after years of being homeschooled is about to enter the frightening world of middle school.

The story is told from different points of view. From the point of view of Auggie, who explores how the way he looks alters the way people see him, from his family, to his friends and even his teachers.

From the point of view of his friends, how it makes them feel, and how they think they should behave around Auggie.

And from the point of view of his sister and how the disfigurement has affected her life.

This is a truly thought provoking story, with a main character who is warm and funny and who makes you cheer him on all the way through the story.

This story will make you laugh, it will most definitely make you cry, but most importantly it will make you consider how you treat others, and how something as simple as the way you look at a person impacts on them and their feelings.

Auggies’ story has stayed with me long after reading the book. This is something I think everyone will love, even if you are not usually a fan of ‘Childrens Literature’. If any book could change your perception on things, this is it!!

Hold Me Closer Necromancer -Lish McBride.

On telling a colleague about how much I had loved the way Jess Rothenberg had used a song as the title of each chapter in ‘ The Catastrophic History of You And Me’, I found myself, a few days later being handed a copy of ‘Hold Me Closer Necromancer’ by Lish McBride.

At first look I honestly thought it was something that wasn’t going to appeal to me, and yes I know, I should never judge a book by its cover, but I did. However, trusting my colleague when he said I would love it, I began to read, and boy am I glad I did.

As well as loving reading another book that had songs for chapter titles and yet again singing the songs in my head as I read each chapter, I can honestly say I really don’t think I have ever laughed out loud when reading a book as much as I did whilst reading this. McBrides comedic timing, is simply put, genius!

Sam, the main protagonist, a college drop out working in a fast food place, with, quite frankly not much going for him discovers that he is infact a Necromancer and can raise the dead.

The story is about Sam learning about his new powers and the scrapes it gets him and his friends into. I really fell in love with the characters in this book, finding the interactions and relationships to be believable and refreshingly honest, in some very bizarre circumstances. I also loved that, unlike much YA fiction out there at the moment, Sam has parental figures, and they are very much part of the story! – no missing parent syndrome here!

Frankly I could gush about this book forever more, so I shall leave you with some wise parting words………GO BUY THIS NOW!!!!

Till next time…Toodles!!!!


Thank you

Just a quick rambling today in order to say thanks to those of you who have checked out my blog, I’ve been up and running for 9 weeks now and have so far had 102 hits… Most of which have been in the last few days …So thanks for having a look and I hope you continue to read my ramblings in the future.

I also hope that this blog may inspire some of my friends who turn their noses up at children’s/ YA fiction to reconsider and give some of these books a go ( you know who you are)!!!

So I’m currently reading Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon series (11 books in all, in preperation for her exhibition in October) and will, I think, blog about theses as a series rather than comment on each book individually!!

I’ve also recently finished reading Heaven by Christoph Marzi, Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris, Wonder by R.J Palacio, Tempest by Julie Cross, Pegasus and the Flame by Katie O’Hearn & Hold Me Closer, Necromancer By Lish McBride!!! I hope you will continue to read as I ramble my findings of these books and any others that I peruse along the way!

Toodles x

Fracture by Megan Miranda

Delaney Maxwell was underwater for 11 minutes before she was pulled out by her best friend Decker Phillips.  Her heart had stopped beating, her brain had stopped functioning – she was dead.

Delaney defies the medical profession and after 6 days in a coma wakes up and appears to be fine.  However Delaney knows something is not right – she now finds herself drawn to the dying. 

Megan Miranda uses her debut novel to pose some thought provoking questions and really gets the reader thinking.

As a character Delaney was believeable, she did at times appear to be cold and standoffish, but that was understandable as she was scared and frustrated by what was happening to her and as she struggled to understand the changes she was experiencing she sometimes lashes out at those closest to her. 

As well as exploring how the accident and recovery process is affecting Delaney, Miranda explores the way the events “fracture” Delaneys relationships.  

The relationship between Delaney and her best friend Decker becomes strained as they struggle with guilt (Decker) jealousy ( both) and their feelings for one another. 

The relationship between Delaney and her parents is explored, especially with her mother, and lends to a storyline regarding Delaneys grandparents, which I feel could have been explored in more depth.  

The most interesting relationship Miranda explores is that of Life and Death.  She does this through the relationship of Delaney and Troy.  Tory, like Delaney is drawn to the dying.  Tory, having decided that he has been given this gift to end people’s suffering, ends the life’s of the people he is drawn to, therefore Troy represents death.

Delaney, representing life, believes that you should be able to choose when to stop fighting for your life, not that someone else should get to choose for you – leaving the reader pondering their views on euthanasia.  

Overall this is an interesting debut that I would give four stars ( out of five).

“if you only had one day left to live, what would you do?”

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