Everneath – Brodi Ashton

Everneath By Brodie Ashton

This Book is loosely based on a mix of the myths of Hades/Persephone and Orpheus/Eurydice.

A story about a girl called Nikki who vanishes into the ‘Everneath’ a place where immortals feed on the emotions of humans. Nikki wakes in the Everneath after being there for 100 years (6 months in human years) and declares she wants to go home. She is then ‘transported’ back to the human world and has 6 months in order to say goodbye and to try to find redemption before she is returned to the Everneath forever.

Nikki is a strong character who just gets on with it, she never blames anyone other than herself for her actions, and does everything she can to fix they way she behaved in the past. She is believable as a character, and the usual love triangle that we find in Young adult fiction, is in this case, totally believable.

I enjoyed this book, and finished it in one siting, and shall be buying the next in the series as soon as it is published.

The only one gripe I have with the book, is that ( as is the case with alot of YA fiction I read at the minute) The kids seem to do what they want with no real strong adult figure in their life. In this case Nikki is missing for 6 months and no one seems to bat an eyelid, when she returns, everyone just blindly accepts that she was gone, but now is back.

On the whole I would give this book 4 Stars.

Till next time….


The Catastrophic History of You & Me. Jess Rothenberg

This is a story about a dead girl named Brie. A character that you will fall in love with almost instantly.
The book is split into five parts, each part is a different stage in Brie’s story. We start with Ashes to Ashes and then move through the stages of grief with Brie as she tackles them. You find yourself moving through the same emotions Brie does as the story unfolds making you both laugh out loud one minute and then have tears streaming down your face the next. ( not one to be read on public transport)
I also loved the way each chapter was a titled with the name of a song which either had me smiling as I remembered songs of my youth ( heaven is a place on earth -Belinda Carlisle, It must have been love – Roxette) songs that made me burst into spontaneous singing (R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Aretha Franklin) again not a book for public transport!! And songs I didn’t know ( Don’t dream it’s over – Crowded House) but had to google because each song had meaning for the forthcoming chapter.

A bittersweet book you should put on your must read list.

Forbidden by Syrie James – easily forgotten!!

Disappointment is the first word that springs to mind when I
think about how I felt when I finished this book. Sadly Forbidden is a book I will easily forget. There was no depth to the characters and the story line was somewhat damp and dismal and something about it made me feel flat.

Today is however a new day and time for a new book. Today I shall be starting The Catastrophic History Of You & Me by Jess Rothenberg.

Stay tuned folks….

Forbidden – Syrie James. Chapter Nineteen

Just about to start chapter nineteen – so far I can say that the book is ok, but sadly just ok. For me its a little too reminiscent of other novels like Fallen, Hush Hush, and Starcrossed. Nothing feels ‘new’ it’s really like reading a mash up of the above titles with a Scottish accent thrown in for good measure.

Let’s hope it gets better from here!


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